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Exclusive Tour! Schooner Tour Around the island (available on a few dates – contact us)

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Tour description: We will board at the pier at the historic downtown (Vila) on the “Black Swan” Schooner, a boat that has all the comfort and safety for your trip. We will go towards the North side of the Island, passing through the beaches of Barreiro, Viana, Siriúba, Sino, Pinto and Armação, before passing by Ponta das Canas and turn to the open sea. From here the look is even more incredible, because the coast is practically virgin. We will then pass through the beaches of Pacuíba, Jabaquara, Fome and Poço, when we will finally see the Búzios and Serraria Islands, just after passing through Ponta Grossa. Then we will pass through Caveira and Saco do Eustáquio, our first destination, a beautiful sheltered bay where we will have time for a swim. We will then leave for Castelhanos Bay, to have lunch on the famous beach that bears the same name. After lunch, we will continue our journey through Ilhabela, now towards the South side of the island, passing through several virgin beaches towards Ponta da Pirassununga, and the famous Ponta da Pirabura and Ponta do Boi, the latter harboring a dazzling lighthouse, inaugurated on April 10, 1900 and the 3rd lighthouse of the State of São Paulo, at the time. Due to the difficult access to the site of the lighthouse, the delivery of the construction was delayed in more than a year. The white masonry tower of 17 meters still houses today the lantern with a system of the time that had a light range of 20 miles. The model of tower flanked by houses for the lighthouse keepers was adopted in other lighthouses of the same period. In the 1960’s the lighthouse was electrified, with the installation of diesel engines. Despite the relative proximity of the city of Ilhabela (formerly Vila Bela da Princesa), access to the lighthouse can only be done by boat or, as is currently done by the maintenance team, by helicopter. In case of extreme emergency, access can be done by land, but the trail is closed (only in the machete). This demonstrates the isolation bravely faced by so many lighthouse keepers and their families for more than 100 years. Throughout this journey, a multitude of islets and small beaches, sacks and bays will leave you gaping! We will pass by Indaiaúba and Enchovas Beaches, finally arriving at our last stop, Praia do Bonete. We will have 30 minutes to dive on this beautiful beach, before we leave for the São Sebastião Channel. We will also pass through the “Cação Hole”, an indescribable rock formation, Ponta da Sela and finally the beaches of the South, Veloso, Curral, Praia Grande, Julião, Feiticeira and Cabras Island. We will pass by the Ferry boat route, Perequê, Itaguassú, Itaquandúba, Engenho D’Água and Pequea, finally arriving at the point from where we left, Píer da Vila. We have mineral water and fruits on board.

Lenght of the tour: 9:00hs
Embark place: Píer da Vila
Departure time: Departure at 9:00 AM and return at 6:00 PM

OBS: Price per person, subject to availability and confirmation. We recommend that you bring bathing suit, towels, mosquito repellent, sunscreen and a plastic bag for mobile phones and cameras. This tour is not allowed for pregnant women and children under 05 years old. The cell phone signal on the beach is bad or there may be no signal. Credit cards machines may not work, it is necessary to bring cash for consumption. The itinerary can be inverted according to the conditions of the sea. The length of the tour and the stop times are approximate.

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