Tips for Your Trip

Tips for Your Trip

1 – Make copies of your documents – Many travelers make copies of documents such as passport, hotel voucher, credit card, hotel address etc. We recommend something much simpler and safer, scan all and save a copy to your e-mail, since the internet is accessible anywhere in the world, and if you give the double misfortune of losing both the original document and copy, you can print it quickly at your hotel.

2 – Passport – Please consult your country’s consulate on the rules for using the passport

3 – Minors – Please consult your country’s consulate about rules for minors traveling unaccompanied

4 – Travel Insurance – Please consult your country’s consulate about travel insurance rules

5 – Pregnant women – Pregnant women need to travel with a medical certificate allowing travel.

6 – Hotel Address – Carry the address of the hotel or the place you are staying during your entire trip. When entering some European countries like England, the Police will ask for the address of where you will be staying. Ideally, you should have the hotel voucher or reservation voucher in addition to the address.

9 – Climate – Do not forget to check the weather and the average temperature of the destination to be visited before packing. Find out what season is in the country at the time of your trip, to bring the appropriate clothing.

10- Enjoy – All the procedures before taking off and everything that happens during the flight to reach the destination can be stressful for some. In these moments of waiting, tightening and irritation, maintaining a good mood is essential. After all, you’re not going to do something unpleasant. Quite the opposite. Think that everything you have to go through to live a great and memorable experience will be worth it.


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