Documents for your trip

Documents for your trip

Check-in: Before boarding a flight, all passengers must check in. Introduce yourself for check-in at the times indicated by the airline in your ticket. In case of doubt, please contact the airline in advance, as the presentation after the scheduled time may make it impossible to board. Check-in can be done directly on the airline’s desk located at the departure airport or, as with many companies, also by internet, phone or in self-service totems located at some airports. However, if you are to check-in baggage, you must go to the airline’s counter to check your baggage. Upon check-in, you will receive a boarding pass.

Airline tickets inform local time, both at the origin and at the destination. However, be aware of the time zone of the destination location and whether daylight saving time is in effect at the destination. Check carefully the time established by the company for the check-in.

Departure lounge: To enter the departure lounge, passengers go through security check. When using an accessory that contains metal parts (belt, shoe, etc.), you may need to remove them before going through the metal detector. Remember: Remove coins, cell phones, keys, and other metal objects from your pockets, which must pass through the X-ray in the same way as hand luggage.

On international flights, depending on the country of destination, there may be other security inspections. It is not allowed to use the luggage carts inside the departure lounge.

Boarding gate: After entering the departure lounge, the passenger should proceed to the designated gate, according to the timetable indicated on the boarding pass. It is noteworthy that the gate may change. To keep track of these changes, check your flight number and stay tuned for information about it, on the monitors and speakers. If in doubt, consult the airline.

If you do not show up at the airport at the scheduled time – a situation that airlines call “no show” – the company may refuse to board the passenger. This fact may generate additional costs, which are described in the contract of transportation.

Flights with stopover or connection: For your convenience, check at the time of purchase of the ticket if the flight has stops or connections. On flights with stopover, the aircraft will land in one or more cities before the destination, with the purpose of supplying, embarking or disembarking other passengers. The passenger, in this case, does not need to change planes, remaining in the aircraft until arriving at the destination. In connecting flights, the passenger arrives in a location that is not your final destination and embarks on another aircraft, to then proceed to the destination city.


The presentation of identification document is indispensable to embark on a flight. Passengers must present an identification document in two moments: at the face-to-face check-in and at the boarding gate. Please check with the airline or your country’s consulate which documents you must present to embark on your flight.